The Association shall be named “Chak Kai Koong Kon Association Kuala Lumpur (hereinafter referred to as “the Association”)


The registered address for the Association shall be No. 85 Jalan Sultan, Kuala Lumpur. The registered address of the Association shall not be changed without the prior consent of the Registrar of Societies.


The purpose of the Association is for the unification of Chinese from the “Chak Kai” clan, to promote cultural activities, sports and youth activities, improve educational standards and participate in welfare services and programmes which are beneficial to society.



Anyone who is not from the Chak Kai clan regardless of sex and of good character and generous in offering aid can apply to be associate members. Associate members do not have voting rights in any meeting of the Association and cannot hold any positions in the Committee.



All members of the Association have a duty to do the following:-

a. Pay the entrance fee and the monthly subscription.

b. Assist in the running of the affairs of the Association.

c. Abide by the Constitution and decisions at meetings.


All members of the Association shall have the following rights:-

a. To apply for consent to use the hall of the Association for purposes of holding celebration functions, subject to all rules of the Association.

b. Children of members with excellent academic results and who wish to further their studies to universities may apply for University Loans of the Association (except associate members).

c. Poor members are entitled to apply for schooling aid.

d. Members from the following categories may not be voted in as committee members or possess the right to vote:

i. Those below the age of 21 years;

ii. Associate members;

iii. Those who are bankrupt.

e. Any member who has joint the Association for more than 6 months shall be eligible to elect or to be elected as a committee member.


Members and associate members are required to pay a monthly subscription of $1.00.


i. Members who wish to terminate their membership with the Association shall give written notice two weeks before hand to the Secretary and pay all outstanding fees.

ii. Any member who fails to abide by the by-laws of the Association or who have acted in such a manner as to tarnish the good name of the Association may be expelled or have his/her membership suspended for such period as deemed fit by the Committee. Before the Committee expels or suspends such member, the member concerned shall be informed of the grounds of such expulsion or suspension in writing. The member concerned will be given an opportunity to explain and defend himself/herself. The expulsion or suspension shall be carried out unless such decision is postponed or annulled at the general meeting, upon appeal by the member concerned.


i. The management of the Association shall be in the hands of the general meeting of members. A quorum for the meeting shall consist of at least half the number of voting members or twice the number of members in the Committee, whichever is lower, who shall be present at such general meeting to witness the conduct of the meeting.

ii. If a quorum cannot be achieved half an hour after the designated time of such meeting, the meeting shall be postponed to another date (not more than 30 days) to be decided by the Committee. The new date shall be advertised in the newspapers and if a quorum cannot be achieved half an hour after the designated time of such postponed meeting, then members present at the meeting may convene the meeting, but such meeting shall not be empowered to change the by-laws of the Association or make decisions concerning all members.

iii. (a) Receive reports of the Committee in relation to activities of the Association for the past one year.

(b) Receive financial reports and audited statements of accounts of the previous year from the Honorary Treasurer.

(c) Appoint Committee members once every two years.

(d) Amend the by-laws, if any.

(e) Conduct other business arising from such meetings.

iv. The Honorary Secretary shall send to each and every member at least fourteen (14) days prior to the date of such Annual General Meeting, a notice of meeting specifying the date, time and place together with the agenda (minutes of meeting) including copies of minutes and reports and audited accounts of the Association for the previous year. Copies of these letters should be displayed for members to read at the registered address of the Association.

v. Extraordinary General Meetings of the Association may be held:-

a. If it is deemed essential by the Committee, or

b. At the joint written request of not less than twenty (20) voting members with the purpose and reasons for such extraordinary general meeting specified.

vi. The Extraordinary General Meeting requested by members should be held on a date within one month from the date of receipt of such request.

vii. The announcement and agenda for such Extraordinary General Meeting shall be circulated by the Honorary Secretary to all members at least fourteen (14) days before the date fixed for such meeting.

viii. Items (i) and (ii) in these By-Laws with regards to quorum and postponement of such Extraordinary General Meeting shall apply. However, if a quorum cannot be achieved half an hour after the designated time for the extraordinary general meeting requested by members, the meeting shall be cancelled and any request by members for convening Extraordinary General Meetings for the same purpose shall not be entertained within six (6) months from the date of such Extraordinary General Meeting.

ix. Except as provided in these By-Laws, the decision of all meetings of the Association shall be consented to by more than half the number of members. In the event of a tie in votes, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.


i. The Committee shall appoint among themselves the following officers:-

a. A Chairman

b. A Vice Chairman

c. Two Assistant Chairmen

d. An Honorary Secretary and an Assistant

e. An Honorary Treasurer

f. A Bahasa Malaysia Language Secretary

g. A Chinese Language Secretary

h. A Relations Secretary and an Assistant

i. 2 Internal Auditors

ii. The office bearers of the Association and each of the officers carrying out duties in the Association shall be Malaysian Citizens.

iii. Candidates for the above posts shall be nominated and seconded and voting shall be by way of ballot by members in the Annual General Meeting. All officers may be reappointed every year.

iv. Duties of the Committee is to oversee and arrange the everyday operation of the Association and make decisions on matters concerning the running of the Association without being ultra vires of the general meeting. The Committee shall not take any action which opposes the decision made by the general meeting without first consulting with it and the Committee should at all times be loyal to the decisions of the general meeting. The Committee shall provide reports for the activities conducted for the previous year at the annual general meeting each year.

v. The Committee shall meet at least once every three (3) months. Announcement for each of the meetings shall be given to members seven (7) days before such meetings. The Chairman on his own accord or with not less than four (4) Committee Members may jointly call for a Committee meeting at any time. At least half the number of Committee Members must be present to witness the conduct of such meetings and to suffice the quorum.

vi. If important matters which requires the approval of the Committee and Committee meeting cannot be held, then the Honorary Secretary may obtain the consent of Committee Members by way of a circular. The following conditions have been be complied with before the decision of the Committee can be considered as being accepted.

a. The problem has to be itemized clearly in the Circular sent to each and every Committee Member.

b. At least half of the Committee members must state their consent or objection to such proposal, and

c. The decision has to be by way of majority vote.

Any decisions obtained by way of circular has to be reported by the Honorary Secretary at the Committee meeting thereafter to confirm and be recorded in the minutes of meeting.

vii. Committee members absent from Committee Meetings on three consecutive occasions without valid reasons shall be considered as having resigned from the position in the Committee.

viii. If a Committee member passes away or resigns, the next candidate with the most number of votes shall be appointed to fill the vacancy. If the candidate chosen is not present or declines such appointment, then the Committee is empowered to appoint other members of the Association to fill the vacancy until the next annual general meeting is held.

ix. The Committee may direct the Honorary Secretary and other officers to carry out business of the Association and appoint managers and staff they deem necessary. He may suspend or dismiss such manager or staff for carelessness at work, dishonesty, inefficiency, refusal to execute decisions of the Committee, or for other reasons which may be detrimental to the Association.

x. The Committee may set up Sub-committees whenever it deems fit and give such special powers to any Committee member.


i. An election sub-committee shall be formed in the final committee meeting prior to the appointment of new committee members. The election sub-committee shall consist of 9 people and only be responsible for the election of the new committee.

ii. The election sub-committee shall send to all members of the Association a list of all members and nomination forms and shall announce the same in the newspapers specifying where the nomination forms may be obtained and the date, time and venue of the General Meeting. All matters and work concerning the election of Committee members shall be completed after the close of the financial year on 31st December. The handing over from the old Committee to the New Committee shall be held two weeks after the Annual General Meeting. (In the meantime, the election sub-committee shall be dissolved).


In the event an elected person declines to accept any position, the said position shall be filled by the person with the next highest number of votes.

The term of service of the Committee of the Association shall be two (2) years. All positions may be appointed except that of Chairman, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer and Internal Auditor which cannot be reelected for more than two terms (i.e. four (4) years and above).


i. Chairman

a. Represent the Association in business with outsiders and outside organizations.

b. Call for Committee Meetings.

c. Chair all Committee Meetings.

d. Supervise all administration and business of the Association.

e. Keep the seal of the Association, sign all letters, documents, receipts and cheques of the Association and have custody of all trust deeds.

ii. Vice Chairman

a. To assist the Chairman in business of the Association.

b. To act as Acting Chairman in his absence.

iii. Assistant Chairman

The Assistant Chairman shall act in place of the Chairman in the absence of the Chairman or the Vice Chairman.

iv. Honorary Secretary

The Honorary Secretary shall be responsible for the administration of the Association, make decisions in Committee meetings, supervise transactions and sign cheques of the Association.

v. Assistant Honorary Secretary

The Assistant Honorary Secretary shall assist the Honorary Secretary in carrying his/her duties and to act as acting Secretary in the absence of the Honorary Secretary.

vi. Honorary Treasurer

The Honorary Treasurer shall keep all accounts of all monetary transactions and be responsible for its accuracy, issue receipts of the Association and sign all cheques of the Association together with the Chairman and Honorary Secretary. The Honorary Treasurer is allowed to keep petty cash of not more than $500.00.

vii. Bahasa Malaysia Language Secretary

Responsible for dealing with all correspondence in Bahasa Malaysia.

viii. Chinese Language Secretary
Responsible for dealing with all correspondence in Chinese and taking down minutes at meetings.

ix. Auditors

The Auditors shall examine all accounts of the Association and make reports or certify the same for Committee meeting purposes. They shall also be required to report any details which is not correct or false, failing which, they will be held responsible for such matters.

x. Relations Secretary

The Relations Secretary shall represent the Association in attending functions of other organizations, be responsible for relations work within and outside the Association.

xi. Assistant Relations Secretary

The Assistant Relations Secretary shall assist the Relations Secretary in carrying out his/her duties.


i. In accordance with the following provisions of these By-Laws, the money of the Association can be used for beneficial purposes in carrying the objectives of the Association, including administrative costs, payment of salaries, expenditure and expenses of officers and salaried staff, and wages for audit of accounts, but it shall not be used for payment of members’ fines under any judgment of the courts.

ii. The Treasurer shall be entitled to keep petty cash not exceeding $500.00 at any one time. Any money in excess of this amount shall be banked into a bank account approved by the Committee. The bank account shall be in the name of the Association.

iii. The statement of money received and spent together with the accounts for the year shall be prepared by the Honorary Treasurer and audited by the Auditors as soon as possible after the close of the financial year. The audited statement of accounts shall be presented for approval to the following Annual General Meeting, and copies thereof shall be provided for the information of members at the registered addressor at the venue of the meeting of the Association.

iv. The financial year of the Association shall commence from 1st January and end on 31st December each year.


i. In between general meetings, the Committee may provide interpretation of these By-Laws and when it becomes essential in deciding matters not contained in these By-Laws.

ii. Except to the contrary or which is inconsistent with the policies decided at General Meetings, the decision of the committee towards members shall be final unless it is changed by decisions of general meetings.


i. The Association shall not organize any lotteries whether specially for members or in the name of the Association or officers or the Committee or members without the approval of the relevant authorities.

ii. The benefits stated in section 2 of the Societies Act, 1966 may not be conferred by the Association unto any member of the Association.


These By-Laws may not be altered or amended unless with the decision of the general meeting. Applications for alterations or amendments to these By-Laws shall be made to the Registrar of Societies twenty eight (28) days from the date of such decision to make such alteration or amendment and it may only come into effect from the date such alteration and amendments are approved by the Registrar of Societies.


i. The Association may be dissolved voluntarily with the consent of not less than three fifths of the total number of voting members.

ii. In the event the Association is dissolved as stated above, all just debts and liabilities of the Association in accordance with the law shall be settled and the balance thereof shall be disposed off in a manner agreed upon at the general meeting.

iii. The notice of dissolution shall be served on the Registrar of Societies within fourteen (14) days from the date of dissolution.

17. LOGO

The Logo of the Association consists of a green colour shield with the name of the association in English and Chinese written on it.